Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Qualitative Research

A research is performed with the several methods, approaches and techniques. The data collection techniques are the most important aspect for the successful completion of a research. The research could be qualitative or quantitative in nature as it is determined completely on the basis of research aim and objectives and also on the basis of data availability. The qualitative research as the name suggest is related to obtain and provide quality data, while quantitative research provides data in the form of quantity generally in numerical form that make the interpretation of data more significant and effective.

The qualitative research is a method of data collection that is generally used in the academic disciplines and social sciences. At the same time, in the current environment, it is also becoming an important method of inquiry in market research.

This type of research method is quite important to obtain in-depth understanding of the human behavior and also the reasons and forces that governs their behavior. It is an important method that investigates the behavior for decision making including why and how of decision making.

It includes the smaller but focused groups as the sample to obtain data and to gain in-depth analysis of human behavior that is not possible with the quantitative research in which large samples are taken. The research nature should be selected appropriately to increase the research significance. DHU assists in selecting appropriate dissertation nature as per the research aim and objectives to enhance credibility of dissertation work.

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