Tuesday 8 November 2011

Steps of Research Proposals

To prepare an attractive and valuable research proposal, it is important for the writer to follow a systematic and structured format that should include all relevant topics and provide full overview about the thesis. In this, following elements can be covered to prepare a dissertation proposal:

Research title: Firstly, research title should be given by the researcher.

Introduction: In this part, overview about the research topic is given by the researcher to demonstrate the main focus of any research.

Problem Statement: In this part of research proposal, researcher defines the issues and problems related to the topic that is selected for the proposal.

Justification: In this part, researcher needs to justify about the selection of the research topic taken. It is supported by personal and professional point of view.

Research Objectives: It is one of the most important steps in making research proposal as whole research is based on the prepared objectives. In this, objectives of the overall research are formulated by the researcher in a SMART form. So, effective and appropriate objectives should be formulated by the researcher.

Literature review: Main concepts and theories related to the research and based on objectives are defined in this step to conduct the research into positive direction.

Research Methodology: To conduct the research effectively, appropriate methods are selected in this step such as research approach, format of the research, data collection methods, etc.

Terminology and source of information: Concepts and main terms that are used in the proposal are discussed in this step along with highlighting sources that are used to gather information for the research.

Schedule for the research: In this, to manage time and efforts, schedule is prepared in terms of defining Gantt chart.

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