Friday 23 March 2012

Data Analysis Methods

The selection of data analysis method is an important aspect to achieve the research aim an objectives successfully. There are several methods, which could be used by a researcher to analyze the data obtained through the different data collection methods.

The use of SPSS tools, statistical analysis, thematic analysis, text analysis is some of the methods that are used as per the needs and demand of the research objectives and research data. It is the aspect, which requires an in-depth understanding and consideration over the methods as it is the base to provide findings of the research. Each method of data analysis presents the data in different way, which could raise the different interpretation for same data. It would reduce the ability of researcher to explore the research problem significantly.

Use of SPSS tools helps the researcher to present the findings in quantitative manner, which increases understanding about the research results. The use of this method requires more information from the quantitative methods. On the other hand, use of thematic analysis method to analyze data requires fewer amounts of quantitative data in the comparison of SPSS method. In this method, themes are presented to analyze the pre and post research conditions, which help to determine what exactly is achieved from the study.

The text analysis is the simplest form of data analysis, which is beneficial for the qualitative researches. It presents the data in the form of graphs and tables, which is significant to improve the research effectiveness and reliability.