Saturday 19 November 2011

Importance of SPSS in Data Presentation for Dissertation

Data presentation is one of the most crucial steps in a dissertation. An effective presentation of the data not only allows the researcher to analyze the data but it also helps the user of the dissertation to understand the data. In this context, there are a number of different measures are adopted by the researcher for presenting the data. SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) is one of the most preferred tools adopted by different researchers to present data in their research work.

The uses of SPSS helps the researcher to make the research work more scientific and reliable as a number of different statistical tools like ANOVA, paired t- test, chi squire test, exploratory factor analysis (EFA), and so on, can be applied on the dissertation with the help of SPSS software.

In addition to this, SPSS software can also be proved quite useful for the purpose of graphical representation of the raw data. With the help of the SPSS application, different graphs based on different complex data can be drawn easily and effectively. It reduces the time and efforts of the researcher employed in the process of drawing the graphs based on the data.

Along with this, the SPSS software also plays a significant role in the process of interpreting and analyzing of the data retrieved from various methods. DHU offers the use of SPSS in data presentation as per the student requirements.

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Wednesday 16 November 2011

Qualitative Research

A research is performed with the several methods, approaches and techniques. The data collection techniques are the most important aspect for the successful completion of a research. The research could be qualitative or quantitative in nature as it is determined completely on the basis of research aim and objectives and also on the basis of data availability. The qualitative research as the name suggest is related to obtain and provide quality data, while quantitative research provides data in the form of quantity generally in numerical form that make the interpretation of data more significant and effective.

The qualitative research is a method of data collection that is generally used in the academic disciplines and social sciences. At the same time, in the current environment, it is also becoming an important method of inquiry in market research.

This type of research method is quite important to obtain in-depth understanding of the human behavior and also the reasons and forces that governs their behavior. It is an important method that investigates the behavior for decision making including why and how of decision making.

It includes the smaller but focused groups as the sample to obtain data and to gain in-depth analysis of human behavior that is not possible with the quantitative research in which large samples are taken. The research nature should be selected appropriately to increase the research significance. DHU assists in selecting appropriate dissertation nature as per the research aim and objectives to enhance credibility of dissertation work.

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Tuesday 8 November 2011

Steps of Research Proposals

To prepare an attractive and valuable research proposal, it is important for the writer to follow a systematic and structured format that should include all relevant topics and provide full overview about the thesis. In this, following elements can be covered to prepare a dissertation proposal:

Research title: Firstly, research title should be given by the researcher.

Introduction: In this part, overview about the research topic is given by the researcher to demonstrate the main focus of any research.

Problem Statement: In this part of research proposal, researcher defines the issues and problems related to the topic that is selected for the proposal.

Justification: In this part, researcher needs to justify about the selection of the research topic taken. It is supported by personal and professional point of view.

Research Objectives: It is one of the most important steps in making research proposal as whole research is based on the prepared objectives. In this, objectives of the overall research are formulated by the researcher in a SMART form. So, effective and appropriate objectives should be formulated by the researcher.

Literature review: Main concepts and theories related to the research and based on objectives are defined in this step to conduct the research into positive direction.

Research Methodology: To conduct the research effectively, appropriate methods are selected in this step such as research approach, format of the research, data collection methods, etc.

Terminology and source of information: Concepts and main terms that are used in the proposal are discussed in this step along with highlighting sources that are used to gather information for the research.

Schedule for the research: In this, to manage time and efforts, schedule is prepared in terms of defining Gantt chart.

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Friday 4 November 2011

Writing a Literature review

Literature review is an important part of a dissertation to make it attractive and more meaningful. Along with this, results or outcomes of any research also depend over the literature review due to having conceptual base in terms of using concepts and theories. So, it is important for any researcher to make the literature review more effective and meaningful. Before working on literature, it is essential for the researcher to develop his/her understanding towards the research topic. There should not be confusion about the concepts and topics of literature review because any confusion may affect the effectiveness of literature review in collecting data adversely.

In addition, to compose the literature review in effective manner, it is important for the writer to draw outline about the contents of the literature. It will help the writer to include topics that are more relevant and essential for the research in accomplishing research aim and objectives. Along with this, to write a valuable and effective literature review, it is essential for the writer to follow critical statements on the topic of literature review. In this, statements of different authors can be highlighted by the writer in argumentative form to attain the objective of any thesis or secondary source of information.

At the same time, information seeking ability of the research also supports the writing of effective literature. Researcher should have ability to apply the principle of analysis to recognize unbiased and valid data. It will also increase credibility and effectiveness of the literature. At the same time, to ensure effectiveness of literature review, systematic format should be considered by the writers in terms of including overview, explanation, conclusion, etc. In short, it can be stated that provenance, objectivity, persuasiveness and value are the main consideration part of any research in order to write a valuable and good literature review. Dissertation Writing UK provides a valuable service to students for writing a sound literature review and to achieve the research aim and objectives. You can also read assignment writing tips at