Friday 4 November 2011

Writing a Literature review

Literature review is an important part of a dissertation to make it attractive and more meaningful. Along with this, results or outcomes of any research also depend over the literature review due to having conceptual base in terms of using concepts and theories. So, it is important for any researcher to make the literature review more effective and meaningful. Before working on literature, it is essential for the researcher to develop his/her understanding towards the research topic. There should not be confusion about the concepts and topics of literature review because any confusion may affect the effectiveness of literature review in collecting data adversely.

In addition, to compose the literature review in effective manner, it is important for the writer to draw outline about the contents of the literature. It will help the writer to include topics that are more relevant and essential for the research in accomplishing research aim and objectives. Along with this, to write a valuable and effective literature review, it is essential for the writer to follow critical statements on the topic of literature review. In this, statements of different authors can be highlighted by the writer in argumentative form to attain the objective of any thesis or secondary source of information.

At the same time, information seeking ability of the research also supports the writing of effective literature. Researcher should have ability to apply the principle of analysis to recognize unbiased and valid data. It will also increase credibility and effectiveness of the literature. At the same time, to ensure effectiveness of literature review, systematic format should be considered by the writers in terms of including overview, explanation, conclusion, etc. In short, it can be stated that provenance, objectivity, persuasiveness and value are the main consideration part of any research in order to write a valuable and good literature review. Dissertation Writing UK provides a valuable service to students for writing a sound literature review and to achieve the research aim and objectives. You can also read assignment writing tips at


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